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Feedbands Review: Coo Coo Birds

By on July 12, 2013 in Record Reviews

Band: Coo Coo Birds
Album: Don’t Bring Your Boyfriends
Released: July 2013

The third Feedbands release comes from San Francisco-based band the Coo Coo Birds. The name is apt. Their music is fuzzy, old-school, garage rock. The ring a bit of the Sex Pistols—loud and fast, with vocals closer to the yelling end of the spectrum, lots of distortion, etc.

IMG_0342The packaging reflects the “rock’n’roll animal” lifestyle (a title of one of their songs.) The album is called Don’t Bring Your Boyfriends, and many of the lyrics also support the image of the rock stars who get all the girls. As the band’s drummer is quoted in the introductory letter, “Unless parents are afraid, we’re not pushing the envelope enough.” The album cover features a background of fuzzy, bright purple, leopard print—the quintessential wild child fabric if ever there was one. The record itself is also purple, though it’s so dark it’s nearly black. It is, however, translucent, so when held up to a light source, it becomes electrically purple. Really a very cool effect.


IMG_0347Musically, it’s not for everyone (though that’s somewhat the point of rock’n’roll) and admittedly, it’s an album that I probably won’t listen to a lot, but it’s certainly right up the alleys of many music fans. It’s dynamic, it’s fun; I can’t deny that. A couple of songs have even been featured in GoPro commercials. This album is also unique for this day and age in that it was recorded on analog tape, and I will say that it sounds authentic; it’s definitely an album that sounds at home on vinyl, and I can easily see it spinning on the turntable at a wild party of vinyl aficionados (if such parties exist.)

You can buy this record in Kerosene Purple (shown here) or in Yellow/Black Swirl from the Feedbands store.

Keep up with the Coo Coo Birds on their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp, and/or Reverbnation. (You get all that?)

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