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A lot of folks have asked us what the best vinyl subscription service is.

The answer is simple: Feedbands.

We chose Feedbands as the best vinyl subscription service for the reasons listed below.best vinyl subscription service

The cost: a flat $20/month for vinyl, another $20 for a limited t-shirt of each month’s artist.

The gist: Feedbands is a vinyl subscription service built on top of a streaming service. Top-voted independent artists get a limited, exclusive first vinyl release. Artists get paid in cash and records and subscribers get first pressings.

Why it’s the best vinyl subscription service: We may be biased, but Feedbands is the best vinyl subscription service from the standpoint of someone collecting records that will sound great now and be valuable in the future. Every vinyl they release is a limited, first pressing of an album from an artist who’s career is taking off, yet is still relatively unknown.

best vinyl subscription serviceFeedbands started its subscription back in the summer of 2013 and has since put out nearly 50 albums, releasing a new album every month.  Feedbands is constantly compiling its library of strictly UNSIGNED artists.  These songs are constantly streaming on the Feedbands free streaming.
We asked a Feedbands member why they think it’s the best vinyl subscription service. Here’s what they had to say:best vinyl subscription service

1) The lead in groove is great. I know, nobody ever pays attention to this thing but I found on my first record the lead in groove is a little longer and more gradual which is actually a very good thing. I have a few records that have a short lead in groove and sometimes it’s such a rapid start that the needle jumps and skips into the song. It’s almost like it’s inertia continues to carry it inward too rapidly and the needle jumps further down the groove. This usually results in not hearing the first few notes of the first song.

2) The records are flat. I’ve never had a record that didn’t have some amount of warp to them and I only buy 180 gram audiophile new records (sometimes I’ll make a rare exception). While my ears aren’t really that attuned to the effects this warping has on the sound of the song, I had to return one record that literally threw the needle up into the air and momentarily stopped playing only to come back down hard. Obviously that record was defective but most records seem to have some warping near the outer edge. Yours has none.

3) There are no leftover “trimmings” on the outer edge on your record. I’ve had a few records that have had extra plastic on the edge of the record. It looks like a knife should have cut it but didn’t remove all of it. This doesn’t effect anything but it does make for a poor looking “finish” to a record.

best vinyl subscription service best vinyl subscription service

4) The coloured vinyl is great. Black vinyl gets kinda boring. Please keep going with all the crazy colours you guys use!

5) The sound is very clear. Some music is just muddy sounding. The tragically hip are notorious for it in my opinion. I’m sure that’s the sound engineering rather than how it’s played by the band. It’s so nice when you can hear individual instruments playing rather than just a muddy blend of everything. I think it’s great that you guys work with the artists to record the best possible sound.

6) The run out groove in my first record has a little click recorded in it (or maybe it just makes that sound). I love these because it reminds me that the record is still playing and I need to go shut off the player. If I could offer a suggestion here- what would be really cool is if you recorded a sound on the run out groove like a ticking clock, a typewriter sound, a beating heart or something that’s just “different” than nothing or a light click. It would really set your records apart and really would be cool.

7) The quality inner liner. You really should advertise this. I hate buying a new record only to see the cheap paper liner has scuffed the surface of the record. Please keep using those quality plastic lined paper sleeves.

You can listen to every artist Feedbands has ever released on vinyl here.  

Feedbands attempts to find the holy grail of music for vinyl collectors: great unknown bands before they are well known. They do this by featuring new music each day on their homepage, allowing their listeners to vote, and pressing the top voted artists to vinyl.

Some Feedbands artists have gotten signed to a major label, while others have gone on tour with the Dixie Chicks.


Check out Feedbands.


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