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Evolution of Music in the USA

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This is an absolutely fascinating article, about the evolution of music from 1960-2010 in the United States.  We encourage you to spend a little time checking out the link, and reading the rest of the article. An exert below:

“Evolution of musical styles in the Billboard Hot 100. The evolution of 13 styles, defined by k-means clustering on principal components of topic frequencies. The width of each spindle is proportional to the frequency of that style, normalized to each year. The spindle contours are based on a ±2-year moving average smoother; unsmoothed yearly frequencies are shown as grey horizontal lines. A hierarchical cluster analysis on the k-means centroids grouped our styles into several larger clusters here represented by a tree: an EASY-LISTENING + LOVE-SONG cluster, a COUNTRY + ROCK cluster and SOUL + FUNK + DANCE cluster; the fourth, most divergent, cluster only contains the HIP HOP + RAP-rich style 2. All resolved nodes have ≥75% bootstrap support. Labels list the four most highly over-represented Last.fm user tags in each style according to our enrichment analysis; see electronic supplementary material, table S1 for full results. Shaded regions define eras separated by musical revolutions.”


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