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Doon Womp by Opusoid: Vinyl Record Review

By on November 20, 2014 in Record Reviews


This album challenges the ordinary expectations of sound. Opusoid, a multi-instrumental, improvisational performer creates music from the odd recesses of the mind, alluding to noises and experiences not commonly displayed in rock music, but highly emphasized in more experimental electronic music. In some way, with his guitar, loop pedals and beat makers, Opusoid traverses the genres of psychedelic rock, jazz, blues and trip hop. In short, this album offers an explosion of sound.

All the recordings on the album are live, which adds to the nostalgic, just pulled this ol’ dusty record out of a time warp kind of feeling with fuzz and glitch to accompany the wailings of guitar. But far from ancient, this fresh vinyl was printed as a limited edition Feedband’s release just this month. An old sound with modern flare, this is the kind of record that goes down in history as a totally unique find.


opusoid2 The record itself is a tantalizing bright orange, slick and smooth, truly a modern marvel of vinyl art. Wrapped up snug in a sleeve swirl of poetry, and tucked away in a copper jacket with a coalescence of maze like twists and twirls, objectless art.
With experimental sound, intriguing and strangely appropriate titles to mostly instrumental songs, Opusoid’s new record is certainly as audibly appeasing as it is visually.

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Collector Information:

Pressing: First Pressing
Size of Run: 1100 in color, 250 in black
Release Date: November, 2011
Comes with: Dropcard (digital download), Certificate of Authenticity



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