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Domezone Volume 1 by The Kansas Bible Company on Vinyl

By on November 10, 2013 in Record Reviews

Band: Kansas Bible Company
Album: Domezone Vol 1: To the Surf through Rugged Waves
Released: November 2013

Well now, this is fun. The November 2013 release from Feedbands is a compilation album from the Kansas Bible Company, a 12-piece (12-piece!) rock-with-a-horn-section group from Goshen, Indiana. And it is awesome. With 12 musicians, this group packs a walloping punch.

IMG_0385The album kicks off (literally, there’s a voice-over saying, “kick it”) with “How to Build a Planet,” a track that’s brilliantly constructed, especially as an album opener. You’d think a rock band with 12 members could sound messy with everyone playing over each other, and I think that’s why KBC decided to ease listeners in with a track that slowly adds elements. It starts with a simple, plucked guitar riff, then adds a little horn, then another guitar, and then another horn, etc. etc. etc. And it works. It really works.

I think it’s easy to hear a horn section an automatically think “big band,” and there are certainly some Benny Goodman-esque moments, but for the most part, it’s a rock album. There’s some surf rock-sounding bits, particularly in the songs “Samurai Surf Babes” (duh), “Zombiefaced,” and “Hang Niner.” The B-side is jazzier, with more swing rhythms. It plays up the horn section a little bit more, so if that’s you’re thing, flip the disc on over.

IMG_0386I’m a major fan of the last track on side A, “The Desert, She Screams.” Alas, one of the few drawbacks to vinyl is that listening to the same track over and over again is a lot trickier. Still worth it. Speaking of which, if I listened to this album digitally, I don’t think “vinyl” would be the first thing I thought of. By that I mean there are some albums I can listen to in any medium and know that they’d be perfect for vinyl. I don’t think I would have felt that way with the Kansas Bible Company, but regardless, the vinyl only brings out the best parts of the band’s sound. It’s rich and smooth, the horns don’t sounds tinny, and the vinyl format really does wonders to the low end of the bass. (Actually, I did a little digging and found that KBC released their sophomore album, Hotel Chicamauga, on vinyl as well, and according to the letter from Feedbands, vinyl was always something they had their hearts set on.)


You can get this record in 180g Aquamarine or black standard weight (or both! Why not!) at the Feedbands store.

Follow the Kansas Bible Company on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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